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I hold Democrats to a higher standard & Shaheen disappointed

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To the editor,
A couple of weeks ago, Manchester held a "march against Monsanto" rally as did over four hundred other cities in 52 countries around the world — totally ignored by the main-line media probably because of product sponsorships. For those readers who still don't know who or what Monsanto is, suffice to say that if you look up greed, corruption, arrogance and poison in the dictionary you'll find Monsanto. You see, Monsanto owns the White House and Congress along with many scientific institutions, universities and a lot of the media. This incestuous relationship has been going on for two decades now.
Three cheers for our local representatives who introduced New Hampshire HB-660 on January 3, 2013. This bill has been retained in committee in order that a final recommendation be made to the full house by this fall. Oh yes, the bill is about labeling GMO foods so that at the very least we can know what we're dying from. Ninety percent of the population want labeling of their food. I assume that some of those 90 percent live in New Hampshire? So if you don't like it, write a letter to the N.H. agriculture committee or just buy local food — it's cheaper to write a letter.
HR-933 continuing resolution aimed at averting a government shutdown was recently passed along with a sneaky clause referred to by opponents as the Monsanto Protection Act. Obama had promised during the primaries to require labeling and his refusal to veto the bill can only be seen as another successful attempt by Republicans. Monsanto can now do whatever they want completely free of the federal court system. Once again a genetically corrupt Congress is alive and well.
I don't really expect much from Republicans but I do hold Democrats to a higher standard. As an Independent, it gets a bit old to vote for the "lesser of two evils". I need to see our congressional delegation (minus Kelly Ayotte) get a bit more enraged and passionate about this topic and not leave it all up to Bernie Sanders. I want to turn on CSPAN and watch Jean Shaheen*, et al at least pretending like they're passionate. It might just convince me in future elections. After all, I did break the cigarette habit and if I don't see any emotional movement from the "the party of social justice" , I might just break another lifetime habit.
(*Bernie Sanders amendment to the farm bill to protect the 10th amendment and allow states rights the power to control labeling was voted down 71-27. Among the 71 who voted against it were 28 so called liberals and among them was Jeanne Shaheen. She's definitely on thin ice this time.)
George Maloof