For short-term gain we can ruin N.H.'s scenic beauty with windmills

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To the editor,
My wife and I were born and raised in N.H. We have traveled all around the world and there is no place with more scenic beauty than N.H.
N.H. is no longer an industrial state. The shoe manufacturing is gone, the woolen mills are gone, the paper mills are gone. N.H. is now a tourist state. People come to N.H. mainly because of its scenic beauty. While N.H.'s industrial base is no longer here, N.H.'s scenic beauty will never be gone unless we allow it to be destroyed by greed.
For the short term promises of money, jobs or cheaper energy we can ruin N.H.'s scenic beauty by cluttering the skyline with the profile of wind mills. Is anyone photographing the scenic beauty of the Tenney Mountain skyline? I think not. Have N.H. residents benefited from the promises of cheap energy or jobs? I haven't seen it. Is N.H.'s tourist attraction going to be " Come see the beautiful wind mills"? I hope not! Listen to N.H. Wind Watch and put a moratorium on the construction of wind mills along the skyline of beautiful, scenic Newfound Lake.
Arthur & Sylvia Cote