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At least Pres. Bush was straight with us, agree with him or not

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To the editor,
In response to Henry Osmer's comments on May 29:
The reason four brave Americans were killed in Benghazi is that this FRAUD we have occupying the White House has demonstrated a total lack of both leadership and character. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton also failed her country and was directly responsible for the lack of truthfulness and outright cover-up.
Explain your numbers? Hundreds of thousands killed in two unpaid wars? What is the scandal? It's about corruption! It's about lying to the American people! It's about arrogance! It's about attacking voters because they did not vote for Democrats! It's about not supporting diplomats in time of crisis! This administration has become the "I don't know" group. The IRS. . . are you kidding me? These are the folks that will police your health care?
Slam dunk, mushroom clouds, shock and awe... all lies you say? Well you must be talking about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and many Dems because they all were convinced that Saddam had WMDs. He did if fact have WMDs. He used them (chemical weapons) against his own people. Has your selective memory failed you Henry? We do know that his nuclear program was not a factor. We also know that Saddam murdered upwards of 200,000 Kurds.
Henry, you are correct that we can't protect every American overseas... BUT WE CAN TRY! And this government did not try! No-Bama was only concerned with his political re-election. They knew it was a terrorist attack from the first hour! They covered it up with some phony story about a movie that was made and it enraged an angry crowd? But the worst of it was that they carried on with this BS for 2 weeks! All lies Henry.
Henry, do you really think that Sadam would have just gone away? He had to be dealt with and the sooner the better. At least President Bush was straight with us... whether you agreed with him or not? We always knew where he stood on the issues.
And finally Henry, I know many hard working folks... some work as professionals, some as police and firefighters, some in the military, some as laborers and some work at a desk. I don't think many folks as YOU SAY, consider hard work as sitting on their brains and working with their fingers as an appropriate comment just because you never learned how to type.
Ron Tricca