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Blame the Illinois for lax gun laws? It's run by Dems

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To the editor,
I can't say I'm surprised here on Wednesday that I read another letter from James Veverka accusing me of selectively (cherry picking) in my facts. Where I chose to get my facts to challenge his points, from a previous letter, was the Department of Justice Statistics in Washington DC, a noted independent source. His source was from the John Hopkins Hospital. Of the two which is in the business of collecting facts I ask readers? The hospital may also collect information but it is hardly their primary specialty. And it seems to me it is James who has an aversion to any facts that contradict his cherished left wing view of the world.
Another aversion James seems to have is an accurate description of Fox News. He states that Fox News repeatedly, and exclusively, presented poles saying Romney would win the election when what Fox News presented was political annalists from both party's each saying their candidate would win. It was far from the one sided presentation James described but I guess when one gets all their news from MSNBC it's hard to comprehend fair and balanced.
As for Illinois having lax gun laws, that's their problem, and I ask why? The Illinois Legislature is 67.8 percent Democratic and the governor is a Democrat. So how come the lax gun laws? Could it be they don't want to fix their problems? And again I say to James and readers, it is still the criminal gangs doing the killings in Chicago, not legal gun owners. It is also a fact that the anti gun movement in this country is not taking the safety of our children seriously when they will not consider any other options then what they put on the table. A non-solution designed to give the corrupt and bloated federal government the power to outlaw private ownership of all firearms.
I wonder if that plan has anything to do with why the federal government purchased two billion rounds of ammunition for non-military agency's last year?
Steve Earle