The American military cannot protect every U.S. citizen overseas

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To the editor,
I have asked the question many times on why is it that four Americans killed in Benghazi any more important than hundreds of thousands killed in two unpaid wars,  including thousands of American dead and wounded. Please someone tell me what is the scandal?
I would also like all conservatives writing on this subject to explain why a American civilian in harms way is murdered and American military person is killed? We all listened to statements by the Bush administration such as SLAM DUNK, MUSHROOM CLOUDS, SHOCK AND AWE, WMDS — all which turned out too be lies This was the scandal of our life time and NO ONE was held accountable. Pres.Bush will go down as the worst president ever. Yes, you're right Mr. Mayotte, it was ALL Bush's fault.
Why is it a big deal that the IRS scandal in a conservative state in a conservative district such a big deal to the Lakes Region of NH? Why is it that the right wing nut party is so concerned with all these scandals and can find nothing to write about happening good in the state of N.H.. I would hope this letter addresses some of Florence Shealy's concerns. I will only comment directly to her scary point NO. 4.The American military cannot protect every American overseas any more than than they can here in this country with all the first responders available. What is scary is the political party that invaded a country on lies and distorted facts as Iraq gave NO indication they were a threat to this country. I would like to ask Florence Shealy, in her reading of the bible, does she believe that the death of a American diplomat is any more tragic than that of a member of the military? If so, please give an example.
I was always told when growing up that WORK required a strong back and a weak mind. I learned over time that many folks consider hard work as sitting on their brains and working with their fingers. Since I never learned to type I must type one letter at a time so will end hoping everyone got to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. God bless the USA.
Henry Osmer