Holder will be investigating himself; that should work out well

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To the editor,
If the revelations out of DC haven't convinced you that the Obama administration is at best totally incompetent and unscrupulous then your living in a bubble filled with happy gas. Personally I believe it is a far darker, evil force behind this bunch. They have proven to me they do not believe in law, justice, honor or reason. They will say anything, do anything, nothing is out of bounds with them. The obvious lies being told even has dedicated Democrats cringing. Latest unbelievable utterance from the president is that he has full confidence in Eric Holder. In fact AG Holder will be investigating. . . well, himself. Then he will report back to the president, probably that he has found no wrong doing on his part.
What an open and unbiased investigation!
Oh yea, how come his signature is on orders to tap the e-mail of a Fox reporter, and the reporters mother and father? As an excuse they trumped up a false accusation to get a judge to sign the warrant. But remember, he can't remember, he doesn't know, he didn't do it, somebody else did it. Rrrrright!
Steve Earle