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Please say, 'I chose Franklin VNA & Hospice', this is your VNA

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To the editor,
Franklin VNA & Hospice has proudly been providing home care services to your community since 1945. Now entering the sixty-eighth year we have reaffirmed our mission statement and will continue to offer you quality home care and hospice services. This is your community. This is your VNA.
If you need home care or hospice services it is always your choice to select an agency. We work with all licensed physicians and all hospitals. The choice is always yours! Choose your community VNA.
Over the past 12-18 months, several other home care agencies have expanded their service area into our communities. This has been confusing to some of you. We have received a number of calls from community members who thought they would be receiving care from Franklin VNA & Hospice, but instead were contacted by another agency.
If a home care agency contacts you and you would prefer care from us, please tell them so. It is your right to choose.
Plan ahead! If you are going into the hospital for surgery or for a procedure and you will need home care following, call us so we can help you plan the transition home. We are specialists in home care and we want to serve any member of our community that needs assistance.
When being referred for home care or hospice, speak out. Say, "I choose Franklin VNA & Hospice". This is your VNA.
Jane White
Executive Director
Franklin VNA & Hospice