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Beware of 'free' money from Uncle Sam; freedom is the price

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To the edtior,
"Free money" is everywhere today. The federal government offers "free money" for police, fire, planning, housing, education, the list goes on. Just think, a federal government with almost 17 trillion in U.S. National debt is offering free money! The debt has rapidly increased by 6 trillion dollars in the past four years with the debt per taxpayer now over $148,000. See usdebtclock.org.
Local governments are offered large amounts of free money for snowstorms, planning, labor and equipment. Many local officials find it hard to say "NO" to these giveaways.
For just one example of many, police in a small town were offered "free money" called grants to pay for additional police officers for three years as long as the town agrees to continue funding the additional police at the end of the three years. This free money offer is without consideration of whether the town really needs the additional police!
Some believe that the local taxpayers are simply getting back money that was paid to the federal government. That sounds like a good excuse for taking the free money but the idea is a myth. Instead, the federal government is borrowing and printing money at a rate of over 85 billion dollars a month.
What is the real purpose of these grants?
A growing number of people now believe the money obligates local officials to assist higher government with promoting more local regulations and controls.
A private property owner's name is on the deed, but ownership has to do with rights and control over the property. "Private" property owners have to get approval from the government to build, add, alter, operate a business, etc. Often times, owners are forced to hire costly professional lawyers, surveyors and engineers not because of real practical need but simply due to regulations or the opinion of government officials. Too often, government denies the approval to use private property without real justification.
Surely, people should not be allowed to cause harm to others when using property but laws and regulations are continuing a longtime movement to restrict rights of private property owners.
Then there is free money available to individuals for food, housing, fuel, the list is long.
The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NHDHHS) website (formerly called Welfare) shows their FY113 authorized budget as 1.9 BILLION dollars. Their website states: "the New Hampshire Legislature and governor have been working with the department in its efforts to improve the effectiveness, coordination and delivery of the many programs and services that HELP PEOPLE ACROSS THE STATE MEET THEIR NEEDS EACH AND EVERY DAY." (EMPHASIS added)
Many agencies make up the NHDHHS including the Commissioner Agency whose website explains, "The Office of the Commissioner is responsible for the overall management of NHDHHS". The Commissioner Office "management agency" function alone expends over 700 million dollars and has over 150 employees making between $60,000 and $120,000 in pay per year. One has to wonder how much of the 1.9 billion actually gets to the people in need.
Originally, the use of taxpayer money for social services was to prevent people from starving but now has grown to a massive bureaucracy. Sales and promotional techniques encourage the use of these "services". It is no wonder why more people are now feeling like a fool if they do not apply for this free money. "After all" they say, "if one person doesn't get the money someone else will".
Reports indicate that one out of five households in the U.S. receives food stamps and fraud is rampant. It may seem contradictory but you also hear that obesity has become an "epidemic".
Of course, everyone would like to help people truly in need. However, it sure seems unfair to the many people who give to charity and volunteer time without pay to help people in need while government employees are paid high salaries to decide how to spend and redistribute billions of dollars forced from you in the form of taxes to "help people keep healthy and safe".
Undoubtedly, many believe the idea of using free money to increase central control is a myth similar to UFOs and Bigfoot. However, a growing number of people are convinced that free money is used by well organized and thought out plans. This includes the United Nations Agenda 21. It is apparent that the use of clever words like "sustainability" and "green" give the impression of saving the earth but a closer look reveals actions that serve to sustain and increase government control, growth and spending.
It is ironic that the federal government preaches to and pays other countries billions to privatize for freedom while the U.S. moves quicker to socialize for communalism.
Several New Hampshire State officials are promoting a government-run gambling establishment as a major contributor to save the state's overspending problem. Just think of the idea, instead of substantially reducing spending, they are encouraging people to gamble as a means of increasing "revenue" for more government.
For the people who understand and are concerned about the accumulation of government debt, spending and controls, consider ways to attempt reversal of this long time trend. Be sure to vote for people who share your concern. Get involved with local, county and state government boards and committees. Run to be a local or state official representative. Join in with some of the many groups such as the Belknap County Conservative Republicans and the N.H. Americans for Prosperity to discuss ideas about ways to reduce government. Write editorials to explain your concerns. Warn others about getting news from sources that benefit from big government such as those owned by NBC General Electric, that sells billions of dollars in health care machines and ABC Disney that sells entertainment.
Many are afraid to get involved, especially with the recent news about the IRS targeting groups and reporters who raise concerns about government. Just think the IRS is also going to oversee Obamacare. Hopefully, they will not decline the payment of health care insurance claims to those who criticize the government.
Undoubtedly, if people are intimidated and choose not to speak out, government is sure to continue growing rapidly. Getting involved attempts to avoid the next government financial "bubble waiting to burst", save private property rights, improve objective education, restore freedom and ensure individual liberty.
Free money is hard to pass up and contributes to the long-time success in the advancement of bigger government with the goal of social communitarianism. After all, we are now hearing that people belong to the community and individual liberty is selfish and careless of the trees, animals and planet. Be aware of the power of free money.
Robert Daniels