Let's not allow vets to 'fall through the cracks' with no insurance

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To the editor,
This Memorial Day, we need to give our veterans the proper thanks and support they deserve. One important way is to provide access to affordable health insurance coverage for those who are currently uninsured. And we have just the vehicle to do this and it is expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire.
There are 10,300 uninsured veterans and their spouses in New Hampshire and many are poor enough to benefit from an expanded Medicaid program. Is providing affordable, basic health insurance too much to ask for the service our veterans and their families have given?
I find it deplorable we allow any of our veterans and their families to "fall through the cracks" without health insurance. As a veteran and AARP member, I feel strongly that New Hampshire provide for those that have given so much and sacrificed to keep our country safe. We are not doing enough!
Help fix that by asking your state elected officials to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire. Expanding Medicaid will also help the 18,000 hard-working 50- to 64-year-olds who struggle to access affordable health insurance.
Medicaid expansion is good for people and is the right thing to do for our state.
Chuck Engborg