Please contribute to flying new U.S. flags to fly downtown

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To the editor,
Support the Main Street Initiative in its efforts to raise funds for the purchase of NEW flags for display throughout the downtown area. The old flags were wearing and shabby, AND made in Taiwan. Main Street Initiative has replaced all the flags and staffs with MADE IN AMERICA flags and staffs, and further, purchased them from a LOCAL store, Trustworthy Hardware in Lakeport.
Further, they have purchased new barrels to line all of downtown area and planting red, white, and blue flowers in them. They are being helped with this by Petal Pushers, another local business. Downtown will truly be a blessed sight come Memorial Day and the parade will be a wonderful site.
The association has attempted to raise the funds publicly and at this writing are approximately $3,000 short short.
Just recently, the citizens supported a new football field by donating $1 million dollars, and again the public supported the hospital with a $4 million dollar fund raising.
This small amount going toward memorializing and celebrating our veterans from the past and the present should not be a problem.
Contributions can be made to this cause by donating to any of the downtown merchants. Randy Bullerwell of the All My Life Jewelry at 639 Main Street is the easiest.
Brenda Baer