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'It wasn't me." There, that was easy to say. Now you try it.

To the editor,
With all of the recent scandals involving the Obama's administration, they seem to be taking the "Shaggy" defense. The singer Shaggy released a song called "It wasn't me". The words tell of a person cheating and being caught. His friend advises him to state "It wasn't me".
Hillary Clinton's answer to a question on Benghazi "what difference does it make" could have been followed with "It wasn't me".
President Obama knows nothing about any of the scandals so he is correct when he states, "It wasn't me". After all, he is only the president and he has to keep track of his tee times.
On to Ms Lerner, a top IRS official, who elected to not answer any questions from Congress and has invoked the Fifth Amendment. My advice to Ms Lerner is to drink a fifth and state "It wasn't me".
Jay Carney, press secretary for President Obama, is "clueless" and changes stories on a daily basis. One thing he knows is "It wasn't me".
Eric Holder, attorney general, has invoked the "Shaggy Defense" several times. In the "Fast and Furious" scandal and the seizure of AP records and others.
Of all of the scandals, the most serious is Benghazi because four brave Americans died and we do not know what happened eight months later. It is outrageous that President Obama called Benghazi a "sideshow". Recently, Howard Dean, one of the top Democratic Party leaders called Benghazi "laughable".
With everyone in the Obama administration declaring "It wasn't me", I can only conclude that it is President Bush's fault.
Jim Mayotte
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