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Belknap Convention seems poised to vote for expanding govt.

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To the editor,
Nowhere in the report of Michael Kitch on the Belknap County meeting of Tuesday, May 21, was there mention of Colette Worsman's excellent rebuttal to false reports which have recently appeared in The Sun at the instigation of the Belknap commissioners. Curious, since until now Mr. Kitch has been so even-handed in his reportorial style.
As to the main event, one is left with the surmise that liberals are correct when they challenge alleged conservatives on their motivation to limit expenditures. Conservatives frequently use the refuge that they are guided by economic principles but that seems not to be the case with the Belknap Convention, which appears poised to vote for an expansion of government. The concept of reaping profit from an expansion of services that are more legitimately the function of the private sector is not one based upon a political philosophy nor even upon economic analysis.
The underling assumptions by the Belknap staff which were offered to the convention are arbitrary and not reducible to bedrock numbers. To see liberals and conservatives unite behind them in service to the growth of government is less than appetizing.
Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5
(Editor's note: Try as he might, it is not always possible for Mr. Kitch to commit everything to writing in the time allowed between the end of a given meeting and his deadline here at The Sun. Some things just have to wait. His report on matter referred to in Rep. Burchell's first paragraph is in today's paper.)