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This is most dishonest administration in Washington since Nixon

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To the editor,
Well, well, it seems apparent now that everything those of us on the right have been saying about Obama and his crew has proven to be true. Lies, deceit, scandals, cover-ups and stone walling is and has been the order of business in the Obama White House. The other day when the president was asked by a reporter if anyone in the White House knew about the IRS targeting conservatives his answer was that of a tricky lawyer not that of an honest leader. He replied that, he certainly didn't know about it, nothing about anyone else in the White House. I believe that's known as a lie of omission.
Speaking of the IRS, does any reasonable person believe that a bunch of clerks out in Cincinnati decided, all on their own, to target the Tea Party and conservatives? Funny thing too, the head of the department in charge of approving requests for non profit status while all this was going on was just promoted to head the enforcement part of Obamacare in the IRS. There goes trust in government down another dozen points. Reminds me of the investigation Obama conducted into "Fast and Furious". We still don't know who set it up and ran it but all the major department heads were promoted.
Did anyone see this guy Miller, acting head of the IRS, being questioned at the congressional hearing? Sounded like some mobster. "Ayy, Ida no nu'ten. Igota no names to gib ya". Must make the left so proud of their open, honest and transparent administration. Oh yea and Obama says "no" to an independent counsel to investigate this crime. Sure, we can trust Eric Holder, mister stonewall'er himself to whitewash, oops, I mean conduct the investigation.
Fact is this is the most dishonest administration in DC sense Nixon. They break the law, violate the Constitution, engage in smear, slander and the politics of personal destruction all in the name of any means justifies the ends. Then they say we conservatives are the bad guys. Bull!
Steve Earle