You're not the first to try & financially damage my radio program

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To the editor,
Hey L.J. Siden: Just arrived home late Tuesday from working all my three jobs.
In capsule form, how many men do you know 40 and up who have any one one of these names: Barack Hussein Obama? How many Americans have one of all of those names?
Will take more time with you later. For now, one of my callers wants to know if you are Mr or Mrs? Hard to tell with so many using initials. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard Milhous Nixon, JFK, MLK, Jr, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, gee, what is your problem with me calling Obama by his name?
Unlike you L.J., I will use the number of words asked by management. You are not the first liberal to attempt to hurt my radio program with my sponsors, but that is what cowards do. Actually, it may interest potential advertisers to part of a popular program that brings customers through the door. Just so you know, Loony Socialists Liberals (those who live off those of us who work and pay taxes), "Elite Republicans" and more than a few conservative Republicans, do not care for me. That shows that I am an equal opportunity person — doing what most will not do.
Niel Young