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Do we want Meredith the be glow-in-the-dark capital of N.H.?

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To the editor,
The Town of Meredith has decided to participate in a federal program that will greatly increase the number of high-reflectivity signs on the town's roads. This is apparently the result of a desire to save some money on maintenance of currently existing signs. On my own road, markers show that this will result in the placement of 11 new signs in the space of one mile. My road is winding and hilly, but there have been no accidents recorded there in the last three years (official records do not go back further), nor have I seen any in seven years of running and walking the road on a daily basis. Placement of the eleven new high-reflectivity signs is not being done because the road is unsafe, but because of its "geometry" in the definition of the Federal program. How many new high-reflectivity signs will appear on your road? A check of the white dots sprayed on the pavement will tell you.
The Meredith town government is conscientious, but in this case I think the long-term visual impact and the long-term maintenance of so many more signs was not fully considered. Do the citizens of Meredith want all these new and additional "retro-flective" signs, effectively turning the town into the glow-in-the-dark capitol of the Lakes Region? Is this worth saving a little money on maintenance of our current signage?
Dan Heyduk