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I'll help pay for new pants when Cpl. Morrison is back at work

To the editor,
I lived for 16 years at Shellcamp Lake in Gilmanton. I was always gratified to see Belmont police backup when the Gilmanton police were summoned. When my house burned down in 2003, I believe that the Belmont Fire Department was the first responder. Indeed, my phone had a Belmont prefix (267), denoting my proximity to the town. For all those years, Belmont was very important to me.
The April 26 Daily Sun included a letter from a Belmont mother and daughter requesting donations in support of the "Ditch the Gray" (police uniforms) campaign, an effort to return to the traditional dark blue.
Unless things have changed for the better, Tilton Pollce Cpl. Nate Morrison still needs financial support for his kidney issues so he can return to active duty free of medical debt.
Far be it for me to ever suggest what Belmont police folks should do with their money, but I'll do it anyway. This officer's service is far more important than the change in police uniforms. The money from donations needed by Cpl. Morrison's return to active duty should be #1.
I have never met Cpl. Morrison but I still mailed in $20 to the "Nate Morrison Fund," c/o BPD.
Looking at the multiple wrinkles on the Belmont lituenent's trousers (photo published on April 26), very dark blue is an excellent camouflage and is needed. Even from Plymouth, I'll be happy to donate some bucks tot he "Kick the Gray" campaign . . . after Cpl. Nate Morrison is back on active duty with his medical bills paid in full.
Bill Carberry

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