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Time to consider stepping up & running for seat on City Council

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To the editor,
There are just three weeks before filing opens for City Council, mayor, and two school board seats.
This is the opportunity for you to step up to the plate and fill a position that is open or to challenge someone who is presently on the council. The first date is June 5th and the filing period runs until the 14th.
At present, the councilor from Ward 2, Matt Lahey is not running for re-election and our mayor, Michael Seymour, is also not running. At the present time the remaining councilors have indicated they are running for re-election.
The council meets two nights a month and committee meetings are generally held on the same evening as the meeting, so the rest of the month you can put what time you feel is necessary to do your job and your homework.
It is important that people from all walks of life are represented on the council. It takes young, old, business people, blue collar workers, working together to represent the city as a whole. Different ideas, different styles, different personalities. All these things make for a better understanding and the ability to come together most of the time. Disagreements aren't a bad thing, but when the fight is over, the council comes back together for the next problem and puts the last one to bed.
I think the more that run is best. Take a chance, step up. You will not only be doing a service to your city, but you will you get more out of it than you put in. Out of all the candidates that file in June, the two persons getting the most votes in each category in the September Primary will go on to the election in November.
To me there is no election more important than the city election as it affects everyone of us directly and instantly. It is our city and we must take care of it.
In the Presidential election, over 80 percent of the registered voters came out, but in the last city primary only 3 percent came out and not much more for the election. Come on you 80 percenters. Show your support for Laconia.
Councilor Brenda Baer
Ward 4 - Laconia