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We've spent last decade killing people we claim are a menace

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To the editor,
The prisoners held at Guantanamo can (legally) be held indefinitely, without trial, according to the latest reports. They have (not be their own means) forfeited the right to trial. The U.S. military admits to torture, and evidence of guilt will not be allowed in court whereas it was obtained by duress. So by the illegal use of torture, the prisoners have lost their right to trial, unable to extricate themselves from prolonged imprisonment. Many are on a "death watch", desperate for some hope, where none appears!
By the use of torture, and denial of trial, we have condemned these men to unending imprisonment, separation from family and country of origin, claiming arrogantly, " We know they're guilty anyway!" The Republican party is mainly responsible for this flawed policy.
At one time the United States was the citadel of law, justice and freedom. This has been the character and mettle of the American people for countless generations. It is who we are! But there has been a seismic shift in our basic beliefs concerning treatment of those caught up in war and terrorism. We have backed away from time-honored Christian and Judaic law, becoming no better than those we prosecute. We permit any and all war criminals — suspected or not, to be subjected to lawless, cruel and degrading punishment. We do things today — with the approval of most people — that we protested against in countries like China and Russia, and commit these same crimes openly, with reckless disregard of law and without shame.
We have serious economic problems at home. We have spent the last decade and beyond killing people we have claimed are a menace to our country. There is no justification for this assault knowing full well these countries do not have the will, or the way to harm us — yet the military fights on, in spite of overwhelming evidence their mission is null and void. Still many people continue to support violence and death around the world.
I pray to God our self-righteous attitude will no longer tolerate inhuman treatment and abuse of people estranged from our culture and fearful that the use of military might as a method of problem-solving we prevail. Let there be peace!
Leon R. Albushies