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Hatred for Obama is the glue that holds conservatives together

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To the editor,
I find it amusing and somewhat hypocritical that Mr. Young takes offense to contributors finding fault with the Bush administration. Isn't he the one, on his radio show and in this forum, that finds fault with and blames Obama, Clinton, unions, educators, mainstream media, elitists, immigrants, voters, etc. for all the social and political ills of this nation?
Mr. Young won't like hearing this, but the leading contributing factor as to why "this person" is in the White House is George W. Bush and his administration. I know Young and other conservatives would like to forget Bush, but remember he was "the decider." When he left office in 2008, the country was reeling from Bush's disastrous economic stewardship. His irresponsible tax cuts and deregulation policies contributed significantly to the nation's economic plight and to the slow recovery. Remember "the decider" decided to deregulate Wall Street; "the decider" decided to cut taxes for the wealthy; and "the decider" decided we needed two wars — costing the country trillions of dollars and more importantly costing the lives of thousands of brave young men and women. With the ignominious record of the Bush administration it didn't matter who the Democrats ran as their candidate — the GOP was out. Voters, who Young finds fault with, were upset with staggering home foreclosure rates, crashing 401(k) s and pension plans, and the $700 billion bailout of rich Wall Streeters. The American public was fed-up with failed Bush/McCain economics, which claimed that prosperity would eventually "trickle down" to everyone else.
Mr. Young, we find "this person" still in the White House in 2013 because the Republican Party still finds itself saddled with the title of the grand old white man's party. In 2012, while Republicans secured 62 percnet of the white male vote, they fell short in every other demographic. Republicans lost not just women and Latinos, but also the youth. And this is not counting the ones they never had, i.e. the African Americans, gays, lesbians, and so many others.
The influence of evangelical Christians and the Tea Party hurt the GOP organization and helped divide the country. The result was a party that was out of touch with mainstream America — a charge once smugly leveled at liberals by the very same party.
It is extremely unhealthy for the nation to have one party that relies primarily on whites for votes, and the other based on inclusive politics. In 2012, the Democrats won with the America of the future, while the Republicans lost with the America of the past.
It's interesting to observe that Young and other conservatives, while screaming for the impeachment of Obama, have this seeming inability to learn from their past mistakes. I understand their hatred of President Obama — it is the glue that holds them together in the absence of any real vision. Yet time and time again they make the same critical errors: they attack the president on every issue with the flimsiest of evidence of wrongdoing (while never once admitting their own messes and disasters from the immediate past), and they fail to renew a better or more coherent vision of themselves for the voter to feel there is even a choice. This makes for a prediction of just more lost elections, and they seem determined to make that happen.
I'm sure that you've noticed that Young and the conservative community are fond of using Obama's middle name Hussein. While not calling Obama a foreigner, a Muslim, or a terrorist, the use of the middle name, often without the first name, is meant to illicit fear, an image of evil and that he is not one of "us" in the minds of readers. This is a juvenile attempt to denigrate the president and portray him as a secret Muslim out to destroy America.
L. J. Siden