Convention using obscure law to usurp control of county budget

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To the editor,
It has been quite a show at the Belknap County vs. Commission match; round after round of play and counter play, with plenty of public posturing for our county delegation to act and pose as watchmen for our pockets, playing divisive domination games for political capital. In business, these kind of continuing public spats are not tolerated.
There is blood on the floor at the complex meeting room from inter-delegation in-fights, from ruined working relationships between the delegation and commission, from the destruction of trust with county workers, and worst of all from the betrayal of the taxpayers by incompetent leadership within the delegation. The actions of this county delegation in failing to build a consensus toward resolution of the budget problem is just as voter alienating as what we see in Washington.
That's not the worst of it: Did you vote for any of these delegates to run Belknap County? I didn't. They are not competent to do so. And everyone who voted last election has been turned under heel by the invocation of an obscure RSA to usurp control of the budget that may be slick and legal, but is certainly disrespectful and a slap in the face to every Belknap County voter.
Talk to your Belknap County state rep. Tell them let our elected officials do their job and to stop wasting our money.
Andrew Sanborn