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How come there is no sign up identifying Beacon Street West?

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To the editor,
I'd like to bring to the attention of the city of Laconia and the citizens of Laconia two dangerous driving situations, one of which has since been resolved by the city.
The first one is the turn off of Rte. 106 onto Old Prescott Hill Road, just below the Lakes Region Community College. Unfortunately, this turn-off occurs right after Rte 3. empties onto Rte. 106 from two different directions. Rte 106. at this point is a two lane highway; the problem is that the turn onto Old Prescott Hill Rd is off the passing lane of Rte. 106, thereby creating one of the aforementioned dangerous situations. From what I have been told, Old Prescott Hill Rd used to be a one-way road heading north from the Bishop Road area. That would make that turn illegal, forcing motorists to enter Old Prescott Hill Road around the Bishop Road area, just above the college. I know that I have by-passed that dangerous turn onto Old Prescott Hill Road quite a few times, after glancing in my rear-view mirror and seeing motorists speeding up to go up the hill of Rte. 106, not only from Rte. 106 itself, but also from the entrances from Rte. 3 that occur there. I realize that it may be inconvenient for those who live on Old Prescott Hill Road or those who reside in Briarcrest, but inconvenience is a small price to pay rather than the alternative. At some point in time, there is going to be a horrible crash there, but a very easy fix.
The second problem area was on Beacon St West, although there are more spots in the city of Laconia that also need this tender loving care. For the past couple of months, there were no lines to tell you which lane you were in, not a very pleasant thought, as each driver tried to figure out where they were in relation to other drivers. But the city has taken care of this problem and painted the lines that separate the lanes, right around Streetcar Place (Hector's), the sharp corner that occurs there. Well done workers of Laconia. As a two year local, I know about where the lanes are that are supposed to separate traffic. But if you are a vacationer (isn't that what we are known as, a vacation area), it is difficult to know where you are supposed to steer yourself around those corners, not knowing that there really are tree lanes there. These lanes eventually lead into the lights at the intersection of Main St (Rte 106), Court and Union Streets.
I have noticed that there is more paint being applied to other "problem areas", so I again commend the city for taking care of these problems.
One last question: where is the sign that tells you that you are on Beacon Street West? I have been looking but can't find one, other that the one that is on the business sign for Street Car Place. I have been told the city has one, but is putting off placing it — please don't wait until your next year's project to put it up — again think of your vacation people.
Two easy fixes, not a lot of money, but definitely a good "days" work for someone.
Gary Philippy