Armed Forces Day - Sacrifice

  • Published in Letters
Surrounded by sand, rocks and grit
Eating meals from a ready-made kit
I dream of my green, far away homeland
As I'm here fighting in Afghanistan.

Old soldiers who fought in other wars used to say,
"Mine is not to question why,
Mine is to do or die."
Asking not to die is now how I pray.

New technology like Skype does help some
I get to see my family for ten minutes a month.
The days seem endless as we patrol in 12-hour shifts
But not seeing my boys grow is what I miss.

My wife is courageous and provides all their care.
Everyone is doing more than their fair share.
Sometimes all this sacrifice just doesn't seem fair.

But soldiers answer the call whenever it comes;
From barracks to planes on a dead run.
They fight wherever they are needed
until the job is completed.

— Patsy Wells, Sanbornton