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Why is target on law-abiding gun owners instead of criminals?

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To the editor,
I sometimes wonder at things people say in their letters. For instance the other day James Veverka said something like, he was going to throw up if he heard the term law abiding citizen or law abiding gun owner. Now why in the world would that cause him to feel all nausea and sweaty. Is it the law abiding part? Funny turn of a phrase because I'd be more sickened by a non law abiding phrase such as, drug dealing felon or cereal murderer and things of that order.
Clearly James just can't stand it when his cherished liberal concepts get challenged. Taking exception to my description of references as a clutter, he dove into a study by John Hopkins Medical to support his contentions. To that I have to say, ho hum! John Hopkins is hardly an unbiased source. Like most big medical facilities it is 85 percent liberal and its studies are not trustworthy, at least by me. If you want an accurate report, I suggest James and the readers look to The Bureau of Justice Statistics. It says that gun crimes are down 75 percent since 1993.
To hear the left tell their story you would think it was we had seen a 75 percent rise in gun crimes from that time until this. Only about 12 of Americans are aware of the truth so effective has the fear and misinformation campaign waged by them and promoted by their followers who believe MSNBC, Saturday Night Live, Move On and the Colbert Report are real news shows.
The BJS also reports that criminals get their guns from family members and by stealing them as I wrote in my previous letter, which James had so much to say about.
As for all those gun crimes in Chicago, who does James say is committing them? That's right too, James omits that fact. Criminals, that's who, not law abiding gun owners or honest citizens, criminals. And not one prevision of the left's proposed laws targets these drug gang criminals. Everything targets the private gun owner. Their design is to abolish the 2nd Amendment and an individuals right to self defense. Not one prevision of the new laws would protect one child, one school, one gun free zone which we have seen attract the crazy, illegal gun possesor looking to create havoc, suffering and sorrow. The great compassionate left doesn't want to solve this problem. They want issues to run on, dramatic issues. They want to put their soap box's on children's graves and tell you that if only you elect them they will fix everything.
They lie.
Steve Earle