Obama considered those who died to be collateral damage

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To the editor,
Talking points? Fake scandal?
When military personnel ready to deploy to assist the besieged mission in Benghazi are ordered to stand down for political reasons; when the White House crafts talking points that are boldface lies, not spin, to cover this up; when the president has a closed door meeting with select members of the press concerning these revelations; I'd say this is more than a fake scandal or talking points. The question is, will we deal with this real scandal or have we become so corrupt that we will just go on as if this is just business as usual?
Look, from where I sit it looks like these men who died in Benghazi were considered acceptable collateral damage if Obama could keep the image alive that terrorism was on the decline, through the election. If it was in the presiden'ts power to rescue these men or let them die, and he let them die in order to have a better chance at re-election; that's worth investigating wouldn't you say?
John Demakowski