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Richard C. Colby's legacy continues because you remembered

To the editor,
To the officers of the Laconia Little League, its coaches, managers and players:
Our family was very touched when we read about your expressions of respect, love and admiration for our father, Richard C. Colby, on your opening day.
We grew up with LLL being a part of our family. We understood how much the game of baseball was his heart and soul. We saw the love that he felt for each of his players as he coached. We respected the way he would model and teach good sportsmanship to players and coaches alike. We witnessed the pride that he felt with each new development to the field and the Little League program. He was filled with anticipation and excitement as each season began, looking forward to his first hot dog and the smell of popcorn in the air. We shared his happiness when he was able to visit Williamsport and witness the Little League World Series. He was honored and humbled when the field was named for him. It gave him joy to enhance the lives of children with his great love for baseball and Opechee Park.
We are sure that somewhere Dad was enjoying the sights, the smells and the sounds as the kids marched proudly down Main Street and the first pitch was received into the catcher's mitt with a slap. He is missed by many, but his legacy continues because you remembered. Thank you.
Cathy Lines & Jeff Colby
and their families
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