Can't put a price tag on smile brought to face of that veteran

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To the editor,
There are heroes in our backyard serving those who have served. Last Saturday, Interlake's Family Dental held a day of free care for N.H. veterans. Five dentists and a host of assistants and hygienists worked nonstop providing x-rays, cleanings, fillings, repairs, denture realignments, and whatever else these professionals do to keep the rest of us in good dental condition.
Six veterans from the Bridge House Homeless Shelter in Plymouth were among the many who received excellent care that day.
One Vietnam vet, plagued for years with wobbly, dark-stained dentures, upon arriving back home grabbed my hand saying "Thank you (Interlakes Dental) I cannot thank you enough! I can talk to people... I can smile at people. This gave me back my confidence" For years he has worked in a grocery store but now looks forward to that work would a renewed sense of self-esteem and purpose. You cannot put a price tag on that. And his smile is beautiful!
Thank you Interlake's Family Dental for making a difference in the lives of our veterans.
Cathy Bentwood RN, Director,
The Bridge House