I'm old school: sticks & stones may break my bones but . . .

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To the editor,
I wrote a letter to the editor (April 13 issue) concerning the U.S.involvement in Iraq Iran war 1980) during the Reagan years. I made note of the FACT that WMDs were sold to Iraq to be used on the Iranians in Iraq Iran War. This caused Jack Stephenson and Steve Earle to call me a liar and a fool.
I grew up in the old school where sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Steve Earle wrote on May 3rd that if I couldn't take it, don't dish it out. I can handle anything you can dish out, Steve.
Now, my question to either of these nitpickers is this: Where is your information that this never happened? Please give references with your answer so I can see what I was lying about.The letter written by Mr. L.J.Siden from Gilmanton was written in detail on the Bush years and explained what a war on lies and distortion looks like.
Finally, as soon as I get a response from the nitpickers on references to how they determined me lying on sale of WMDs to Saddam, The war on Iran Iraq is over.
Henry Osmer