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Rep. Burchell offers no solutions, he just votes against things

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To the editor,
I have to respond to Rep. Dick Burchell's letter to the editor published on May 10. The headline says that the Belknap County Convention "minority" has made the process with the Belknap County Commissioners as uncivil as possible. The real problem is with 12 of the members of the 18 member county convention. That is, 12 of the elected members of the New Hampshire House from Belknap County who will be responsible for costing Belknap County a lot of extra expense. They think that just because they agree with the ultra-conservative agenda to destroy local government, they assume they must be right. They give no credit to the commissioners for all the cost saving measures they have put into effect in the past five years. They only worry about a nine percent increase without mentioning the past cost savings. They are out to destroy the morale at the county facilities. They seem to be bent on ending up in court and costing the county money. You can bet they will be pointing the finger after that happens.
I urge all Belknap County voters to follow this story and watch their attempt to destroy local government. Rep. Burchell has a history of voting against budgets, against infrastructure improvements, against funding higher education. He offers no solutions; only votes against them. He and his cohorts of 12 need to be voted out next year.
Steve Copithorne