With Obama we deed to do what was right to do with 'Tricky Dick'

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To the editor,
Well, how long before all of the Obama Zombie letters saying, "It's Bush's fault? Probably some here already.
There are two reasons why we are stuck with this person in the White House: too many "GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE CARE OF ME" Obama voters, and too many "ROMNEY IS A MORMON" and "MITT IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE" non-voters. At least the Romney family loves America, they would never tear the U.S. down on foreign land or at home! The Obama voters are fine with Barack and the Democrat politicians and bureaucrats tearing this country apart, fiscally and morally while Republican counterparts do what they do best — remain silent.
The press has come out of the ether, now that Barack is in his second term (we think). They are now being critical of Hussein Obama — the IRS under Geithner punishing individuals and patriotic groups who differ with Obama policy, Benghazi with four Americans dead, the war in Afghanistan on-going with losses and no game plan to win and leave.
My fellow American patriots, do what was right to do with "Tricky Dick Nixon" for lying and cover-ups, it is time BHO has charges brought against him, and then, IMPEACH him.
Pull the keys to our plane. No more vacations for BHO and family members, no more lavish parties for BHO and Hollywood in our house.
Niel Young