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If you want something done you have to be a single-issue voter

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To the editor,
I was watching Senator Ayotte "performing" in Warren last week. She certainly knows how to pick her audience. I thought I was watching a church service. The audience was so "well behaved" and asking softball questions — except for a couple that dared register disapproval but they got booed down by the majority and the law slowly approaching one of them. It's all in the name of democracy you know.
Ever marvel at the fact that Congress enjoys almost a single digit approval rating and yet when one of them comes to town (admittedly a well chosen town) they suddenly acquire almost a divine persona? Both Republicans and Democrats share this mystery. Not even the lady who had lost her child by way of a gun could sway Ayotte or the audience. "Thank you for coming" was the senator's last words on the subject. It seemed to me that lady just walked out of the room — at least I think it was her. Could have been just another disgruntled observer who had had enough of the pablum.
I've been scanning some of the comments on the opinion pages (most of them are too long to read) and I can't help but notice some of them. "We're so blessed to have her"; "New Hampshire is so lucky to have her". Sheesh, I've been trying to unravel this mystery for most of my adult life and have finally come to the conclusion that good old Abe had it right: "you can fool some of the people all the time" — it's just a simple fact of life.
I've come to another conclusion about politicians. If you want something done then you have to resort to being a single-issue voter or at the very most a double-issue voter (don't want to press our luck here) just like the majority of white Catholics and Evangelicals (who voted for Romney of course). My two issues will be a much stronger gun legislation that is being presented to us at the moment and of course a sensible sane immigration policy that recognizes reality. I'm not holding my breath.
George Maloof