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Industrial wind power around Newfound is travesy we'll regret

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To the editor,
On May 3, I kayaked around Newfound Lake. This is a stunning and unique lake — it not only offers great beauty but also offers me a free drink during my expedition. It has always been my favorite lake and to me it's likely the last summer to kayak this gem before its viewshed is ruined by industrial wind turbines. Its sweeping 360 degree water views from Bristol to Hebron are spectacular!
Newfound Lake is so highly regarded that many resident, both past and present, have donated their lands in hopes to preserve the lake's charm. Yet in spite of this — the state is now promoting industrial wind turbine sites all around this "extraordinary" and "special place".
The promotion of the Groton Wind Farm with its 24 industrial turbines was done quietly and quickly. To many of us it was a surprise! I believe it's all in the wind developers planning approach — because they announced all four wind projects shortly after the summer residents left.
It goes to show you how summer residents are valued — "YES" — your voices count and should be heard on this matter. If all proposed projects get built out, this wonderful, stunningly scenic place will be littered with 125 huge industrial wind turbines surrounding it. The viewshed will be ruined for the next 20 years.
I have summered in Bridgewater since the early 1970s. Many of you don't know me... but you can see that I have a passionate love for this lake. When my parents first discovered this lake — they were awed by its spectacular beauty. I strongly believe that industrial wind power developments around the lake is a travesty that we will come to regret. I am angry that the political climate of today has allowed such unjustified destruction of our Lakes Region to take place. Please join me and the efforts of "New Hampshire Wind Watch" in battling this. You owe it to your soul...
I ended my kayak trip that day and wrote this letter. Just goes to show you — the lake is also a great place to think.
Ray Cunningham