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SB-2 worked in Gilmanton without a hitch; don't be bullied

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To the editor,
I've been reading the articles in the newspapers regarding information pertaining to SB-2 in Sanbornton and I must say I'm amazed at the amount of incorrect information, scare tactics, and pressure put upon the citizens of your town. You might ask, "Why would someone from Gilmanton write to the newspapers about our town? What does she know?" Good questions. Let me respond.
Two years ago our town tried for the 5th or 6th time to pass SB-2. Prior attempts were met with much the same rhetoric I'm seeing from your town: "Deliberative Session will take away the rights of the town to make decisions" or "SB-2 is destructive and complicated. My response is BOLDERDASH!
A small group of us got together in my town and put to rest the lies and distortions put out by the "nay sayers" who really don't know what they're talking about. My suspicion is that either there is something untoward going on with the select people who bash SB-2 or they just don't like change.
This year was our first chance to try SB-2 for our town and for the school district and guess what? IT WORKED WITHOUT A HITCH! We had more people show up for the Deliberative Sessions (otherwise known as Town Meeting or School District Meeting), people stood and voiced their opinions, added or deleted from the budgets and Warrant Articles, just as is done at any town meeting. Then they had the opportunity to look over the final budgets during the month before our town election so as to be informed before going into the voting booth to vote on how our tax dollars would be spent. Not everyone in the town showed up for the Deliberative Sessions; and yet, no less showed up than we usually have at the Town Meetings.
Sanbornton, don't be bullied or fooled by those who would say differently. SB-2 opens up opportunities that you now don't have. You will be able to vote for your choices for elected positions as well as vote for the budget, including Warrant Articles, in the privacy of the voting booth, or by absentee ballot (people on vacation, those in the military, and any others who cannot physically come to the polls). Tell your town how important it is that YOU make the final decisions on how your tax dollars are spent at your Town Election. It's YOUR money.
Elena Ball
Gilmanton Iron Works