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Not a lot of space for free thinking at Granite State Future forum

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To the editor,
Tuesday night I attended a NH Listens session for the Lakes Region Planning Commission. I was under the impression that it would be for the people to air their concerns about what they think needs to be planned. However, in my group of 19 people, there were only one or two other "common citizens" from the local area. Everyone else was a professional of some kind, or had special interests they wanted the commission to hear about. After speaking with a few other friends, I discovered that the situation was the same all around the room. The facilitators did a great job, but since every topic was pre-planned, there was not a lot of space for free thinking. The discussions were mostly about spending money that will line the pockets of the special interest groups. For whose benefit? Certainly not for landowners in the country. Certainly not for middle class hard-working individuals who now will have to pay more for repairing and helping the cities. I felt it was an intrusion of government mandates, pushed by the elite, upon those of us who truly feel that we have rights, too, yet won't be heard, because we were not represented at that meeting Tuesday night.
Now we are facing a bill in the N.H. Legislature that will force us to pay extra for water rights, which they are taking away from us. Check out SB-11. It would allow water districts set up to take over control of private wells by eminent domain. That's all part of Governor Lynch's "Water Sustainability" Initiative.
Is this what we want for New Hampshire? I don't.
Peggy Graham