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Patsy handles everything that comes her way with itegrity to the core

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To the editor,
Dear voters of Sanbornton:
On May 14th, Sanbornton voters will be heading to the polls to elect a Selectmen. Patsy Wells is running.
Patsy Wells has been part of my family for a number of years. In the years together as a family, we have been through a lot of life experience's with Patsy, tons of joy, and sadly, also great tragedy. Needless to say,with those experience's, you get to know someone very well and how they deal with the things life sends you.
I will tell you, regardless of what comes her way, Patsy handles it with the highest level of integrity to her core. She walks the "high road" because that's where she lives. She also is one of the most pure of heart human beings I've ever had the honor to know. What you see is what you get, a no-nonsense, sharp as a knife, hard working woman who never stops being who she is.
Patsy deeply cares about Sanbornton and the people who make it what it is. Patsy has been a selectman here before as many of you are aware of. She is no stranger to the workings of the town Sanbornton, and knows what it takes to make this great place move ahead into the future. Sanbornton has a great opportunity to once again utilize the assets of her knowledge, fairness and truth.
I have no doubt what so ever, Patsy would make positive things happen for Sanbornton.
Please support, on May 14th, the most positive choice for the Sanbornton selectmen seat, Vote for Mrs. Patsy Wells!
Gordon Gourlay