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Biggest drain on our tax dollars is explosion of Pentagon budget

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To the editor,
In all 50 states, people are telling Congress to end the sequestration chaos. This involves over 70,000 people, but also, in time for Town Meeting in Sanbornton, involves a May 15 Town Meeting warrant article, #15, about cuts that could and should be made, to the Pentagon budget.
Why did the economy and the federal budget go off the tracks? Two wars, tax cuts for the rich, corporate tax loopholes and a runaway Pentagon budget that has never been audited.
What is the biggest drain of our tax dollars? It is the explosion of the Pentagon budget since 9/11 on new weapons, military bases around the world and nuclear weapons that serve no purpose except to generate international tensions.
Voting "yes" to article #15 essentially says, "We need to move the money from wars and ever-newer weapons to fund human services and jobs needed in our communities instead!" Last year Sanbornton's citizens, through IRS payments, gave $5,015,129 to the Pentagon. Now it's time to bring home that money and use it for town personnel needs, homeless and hungry needs, roads and bridges. Reads the warrant article: "Even 18 percent of that Sanbornton tax money would be roughly $1 million redirected to our local needs."
Sanbornton Town Meeting voters, if staying to the end of May 15's meeting, can add to the outpouring of public pressure on Congress. Thirty-plus Sanbornton voters got the article onto the warrant by petition. As one Sanbornton resident, I ask that it pass.
Christine Hobby