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Cost to Sanbornton for Kaulback Rd. improvements will be $13k

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To the editor,
Sanbornton voters should be aware that Article 9 for funding a Black Brook Watershed Protection project will be on the Warrant for consideration at the Town Meeting on May 15. Article 9 is recommended by the selectmen but not recommended by the Budget
Committee. Adopting Article 9 at the Town Meeting is wise.
In Article 9, the sum of $38,366 is proposed for road improvements on Kaulback Road, which will include sediment traps to reduce phosphorus bearing road sediments that are now polluting Lake Winnisquam by way of the north tributary of Black Brook. The cost
to Sanbornton taxpayers is only $13,406. A 2013 chapter 319 Federal Watershed Assistance Grant, which the Selectmen have applied for and has been granted is subject to town approval of Article 9, will provides more than half of the funding.
Separating phosphorus bearing sediments from Black Brook Watershed roadways drainage is a major goal of the recently completed Black Brook Watershed Management Plan and includes multiyear affordable projects to bring phosphorus in Lake Winnisquam under control using state and federal assistance grants to minimize local costs. It is to Sanbornton's advantage to participate in this program.
Many applications are submitted each year for limited grant funds; to be a part of this ongoing program is smart.
Sanbornton's selectmen are to be congratulated for their initiative and foresight in providing voters with this opportunity. Participation via the grant proposal at this time is prudent since there is no assurance that grants will be readily available in the future.
I believe that appropriate action by the Budget Committee is to advise the Town Meeting that they have dropped their "Not Recommended "position and join the selectmen in recommending passage.
In any case, Sanbornton voters should vote in favor of Article 9 as proposed.
Donald Foudriat, Project Coordinator
Black Brook Watershed Management Plan