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Where was outrage about what N.H. state senators did right here?

To the editor,
An awful lot of people are writing letters and buying commercial time to chastise Kelly Ayotte over her vote on extended background checks. The first thing I thought of was, "Where's the outrage over what our state senators and representatives did to ignore us right here?"
Hundreds of voters and tax-payers packed the statehouse in Concord in February in support of HB-580, a moratorium on new energy facilities. The small handful of opponents were either non-residents or those in a position to make money from these projects. This bill and every other one in the house regarding reigning in the corporate rights to ruin our natural resources was tabled by the Science, Energy and Technology Committee — essentially doing nothing to protect our rights.
Dozens of us drove to Concord again in March when there was a public hearing on SB-99, another call for a moratorium, in the Energy & Natural Resources Committee. After most of us left the room because they moved on to another bill, the bill was revisited, amended (stripped) and voted on. The bill was changed from a moratorium on new, elective energy projects to a call for the SEC to review their process.
But it's not dead yet. Please contact your state house rep and ask them to vote in favor of SB-99. Let them know we're disappointed in how our concerns for the energy future and preservation of our natural resources has been discounted by them so far this legislative year but they can find some redemption by doing the right thing now on SB-99.
Cindy Kudlik
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