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How much firepower does ordinary citizen need to protect home?

To the editor,
Dear Mr. Earle:
Just a reminder that our serious gun violence epidemic is not a Democratic, Republican or any other political party problem. It is ALL of our problem. Gun violence cannot be given a label other than outright disregard for human life.
We continue to turn a blind eye to the FACT that gun manufacturers made sure that they will NOT be held culpable for gun deaths, no matter the circumstance. If states and the federal government were able to sue gun manufacturers for producing lethal weaponry which is being marketed and sold to the public at large, our country would then be on the road to less pointing fingers in every direction but where it rightly belongs.
Ask yourself if we wouldn't be in a safer state of mind if the type of weapons purchased by ordinary citizens has to be the same kind used by the military in the theater of war? How much "fire power" does any ordinary citizen need to protect home, hearth and family?
Instead of pointing your finger sir, why don't you be one of many who understand that death by lethal weaponry is wrong?
Bernadette Loesch