Replace one set-time meeting with another, more poorly attended?

To the editor,
I sort of apologize to my friend and neighbor, Bill Whalen, as I try to counter him on SB-2. Why does he think someone who can't attend Town Meeting (illness, work, vacation, business travel can — amazingly! - attend SB-2's deliberative session, a meeting at which the Budget Committee and selectmen explain their work on the upcoming costs for another year of town viability? One set-time meeting will be replaced by a lower-attendance other set-time meeting, and that would make things better? And what if SB-2's deliberative session/meeting, like Town Meeting, should last four or more hours? How could Bill get rid of a meeting's taking time? Much as I love the guy for other traits, he's a big-city magician come among us, if presto-chango he can make a serious meeting take no time.
For 12 years Sanbornton has held off adopting SB-2, thus protecting Town Meeting. Seems we can never put away the NO SB-2 signs and should continue to keep in the paint and sign-board supply. Alas.
Sanbornton, please come out to vote at Town Hall on May 14, and vote NO on question #1.
Lynn Rudmin Chong