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It would be an honor to again serve as your Sanbornton selectman

To the editor,
My name is Patsy Wells and I'm running for selectman in Sanbornton. I had the privilege of serving my community as selectman from 2004-2007. While those were turbulent times for Sanbornton, we accomplished a lot. By working together — by always trying to work for the greater good — we began improving our roads, taking care of our town buildings, increasing the efficiency of our town departments, and planning carefully for the future. There is still work to be done on all of those fronts and the economic times makes even more of a challenge.
There are three growing concerns for me. The first is to create the walking path from the Sanbornton Central School parking lot to the library. We need to get the children off the roadway — that is how they have been getting to the library for years, walking in the road. This is critical for their safety, especially in light of the recent tragedy in Laconia. Almost seven years ago we bought the land behind the three historic buildings to create this walking path and to protect the horizon view, not to put a new town office building in the field between them. If we pass the warrant article during Town Meeting on May 15th, we are going to begin planning for a new town office building in the far future — a good move. But, we need to do that keeping the preservation of our historic buildings in mind. The third concern for me is increasing communication between the selectmen, the various town committees and the public. We are all concerned about our growing tax rate. It seems like new "for sale" signs go up every week in our community as people struggle to provide for their families. Even though the town portion of our property tax bill is relatively small, we need to work with the school district, the county and the state, which make up the other portions of our tax bill, to reduce the amounts.
We have a unique and beautiful community with a strong diversity of ideas and opinions, but the one thing I think we all have in common is a desire to protect, preserve, and strengthen our town for future generations. We can do it. We can work together to meet the needs of our fellow community members today and in the future. It would be an honor to serve you once again as your selectman. Please consider giving me your support on Election Day, Tuesday, May 14th.
Patsy Wells