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Most gun crimes committed in cities Dems have long controlled

To the editor,
Saturday's letters included another misinformation piece by James's Veverka, this time concerning my supposed objection to background checks on firearms purchases. For the record I am not against background checks. I am against background checks run by the the liberal, anti-gun left, who's objective is to gut our 2nd Amendment and confiscate and outlaw the private citizens' rights. James gives a clutter of statistics of which I will not endeavor to challenge because they are insignificant to the point.
The point is that we need to address the cause of the problem, criminals and crazies. It is our liberal leaders who are blocking any sound, sane, constitutionally-legal approach to the problem. They are playing politics and hiding behind their accustomed politically correct shields. These liberals refuse to even consider any ideas such as armed security guards in our schools to protect our children. They refuse to consider making mental health records available to the instant check system siting privacy concerns. No, they choose to continue to attack our law abiding gun owners and our Constitution. So James, check your own house before you throw more stones.
It's a fact that most gun crimes are committed in cites like Chicago, Detroit, L.A., New Orleans and so on. The common factor is these are cities and states where liberal Democrats have had decades of control with among the strongest gun control laws in the nation. Yet James supports these political leaders and their policy's in blind obedience regardless of the decades of failure, suffering and injustice they create.
Criminals, by the way, do not get their guns at gun shows or gun stores, they steal them or get them from family members. Only about 1.5 percent come from legal purchases.
Regarding the supposed gun running from outside states without checks, it's at best all guess work, as no hard reliable numbers are available. And remember the biggest gun running scandal since Iran Contra has been Fast and Furious run by Eric Holder. Our liberal Attorney General has also declined to prosecute all but 44 attempted illegal purchases caught by the instant check system.
No James, you and your liberal friends need to start trying to take care of our at risk children rather then taking advantage of them after it's to late.
Steve Earle