Big thank you to these professionals, who make such a difference

To the editor,
On Friday, May 3, the Belmont Fire Department arrived at our home and office on Gilmanton Road to fight a fire in the woods that we were not even aware of. It was spotted by the Belknap Fire Towers, reported to the Fire Department, and responded to immediately.
We wish to publicly thank our fire department. We are very fortunate to have, in the Town of Belmont, highly professional firefighters who are also caring individuals. Were it not for their quick response, the fire could have been much worse. We have no idea how the fire started, but we urge anyone using the woods during this dry season to be careful when discarding cigarettes or any other flammable material.
We also wish to commend the people who operate the fire spotting towers in our area. They are responsible for discovering and relaying the location of the fire to our responders.
A big thank you to these professionals who make such a difference in our lives when they are needed. Please support your local and county firefighters.
The Condodemetraky Family
By Susan Condodemetraky