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In the beginning was the Word, before that the fossil evidence is clear

To the editor,
Thank you for publishing Mr. Hanley's recent letter. It was certainly an extraordinary one. It's quite reassuring that the editor is open to and willing to publish all different points of view, no matter how extraordinary.
Some of us are old enough to remember having prayed in public school and know first hand as to why it was a really bad idea. Darwinism is alive and thriving in the modern world. If you had attended the LHS 2009 commencement ceremony you could have heard the valedictorian give a very chilling to the point assessment as to the Darwinian world her fellow students were launching off into. So maybe Mr. Hanley has some valid point as to faith and hope being part of the human experience. In the beginning was the Word. Before that the fossil evidence is quite clear. On the basis of the content of his letter it seems Mr. Hanley may at some point be eligible for a nomination for a Darwin Award of his very own.
Timothy Sullivan