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12 times Sanbornton voters have rejected SB-2 – let’s make it 13

To the editor,
Although Sanbornton voters have chosen not to adopt SB2 12 times, we are being asked to vote on it again this year.  It seems they don't respect the fact that the majority have made it clear 12 times that they want to retain our Town Meetings. 
A letter written last week found fault with the suggestion that there might be problems under SB-2, such as the lone voter in the voting booth, faced with a long list of warrant articles, might become confused or frustrated and just vote no all down the line just to get it over with. Not only is it possible but can also occur when the voter has to read the long list of warrant articles. That 15 or 20 minutes or more in the booth isn't the only problem there either. Taking far longer than our current quick in and out of the booth, there may even be waits to get into the booths while other are working their way done the warrant one issue at a time.
In his letter he also stated that if someone couldn't or didn't attend Town Meeting meant they forfeited their rights.  No, their choice or ability to participate was not exercised but their right to participate was never taken from them.
He then goes on to compare Town Meeting to Nazi Germany and North Korea.  I find that insulting, and shameful and I think the writer owes the people of our community an apology!  He then goes on to talk about "freedom of choice", as he apparently thinks Town Meeting in some way takes that away.  That's not so. Many who do not attend Town Meeting are exercising their "freedom of choice"!
Here are some other problems with SB-2.  In each of the 20 years since it has been in existance there has been a great deal of legislation filed to make changes in SB-2 in one way or another because of it's many flaws. Like solving the problem of the warrant article that  was amended at a Deliberative Session and, as amended, ended on the ballot as just "To see".  I wonder if the ballot vote on "To see" was yes or no.
Those who feel that the 150 or more who attend Town Meeting is too small a group to decide the business of the town are ignoring the fact that a much smaller group, about 50, will make the real decisions under SB-2.  The ballot vote will only say yes or no to what the 50 may or may not have amended.  You can't amend in the voting booth.  You can vote yes or no on articles such as "To see", or articles that may have been amended so they have money amounts that aren't great enough to purchase the intended item.
Please vote "NO" to SB-2.  Don't become complacent because we have won 12 times!  We need you all to vote "NO SB-2" so we can send the message again. 
Evelyn Auger