Fields lost clerk’s post because of repeated lack of professionalism

To the editor,
In last Thursdays paper there was an article that stated, "State Representative Dennis Fields (R-Sanbornton), ... was recently voted out of his position as Belknap County Delegation clerk". But I'm not sure that this is a balanced assessment of what took place. In actuality Rep. Fields would still be clerk if a re-vote out of an abundance of caution had not been taken and to dispel any appearance of impropriety. I believe that in the re-vote there was demonstrated a loss of confidence in Rep. Fields as a result of his repeated lack professionalism. I have to agree with Don Walker who wrote in Friday's edition, "For me, the most egregious (charge from Rep. Fields) was the threat that he had to "toe the line" or be removed from his clerk post. He was not removed from his post, he simply lost the opportunity to continue as clerk through the circumstances that surfaced by the lawsuit and by losing the respect of his peers.
Rep. Stephen Holmes
District 5