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Fields reaped what he sowed when he was voted out as clerk

To the editor,
I have ignored many rude shenanigans by Dennis Fields because he is an elected official and because he is elderly. However, this latest story in your paper on May 2, coming just a few weeks after being the ONLY Republican to vote AGAINST THE CONSITUTION on  HB-135, has caused me to no longer have ANY respect for Mr. Fields. I am actually very sorry for him. He doesn't realize he is being played like a puppet by the commissioners.
I get that Mr. Fields is bitter about being voted out as clerk. However, he has to realize, he reaped what he sowed. In addition to this latest round of theatrics, I have sat at numerous meetings over the last four years and witnessed him continuously acting very childish by speaking out of turn, ranting and raving, and consistently speaking with disrespect to others. One has to ask for whose benefit he acts the jester, because by his own admission, it doesn't seem to be working out too well for him lately. Had he acted more respectful, he would've received respect in return and never had been voted out of his clerk position.
I believe the reason Mr. Fields goes to such lengths to accuse the delegates of wrong doing is because he is actually the guilty one. If Mr. Fields can get people to believe that others are doing what he does, sneaking around and behaving badly, then he keeps a clear conscience. Those who expect more from him than acting like a clown and being a traitor to the general good of the constituents, have out-classed him on so many levels, he can longer keep his head up. I believe his time served as a representative will be remembered as Mr. Fields having been the notorious guy who voted against the taxpayers, his party, and the United States Constitution. So sad.
Barbara Howard