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Summer residents, help save Newfound Lake from wind turbines

To the editor,
Welcome Back!
If Newfound Lake residents and visitors are annoyed and dismayed by the intrusion of the Groton Wind Farm, they will be even angrier if these next three wind projects move forward. Residents and visitors alike want to protect the natural beauty of the area.
Many returning summer residents were shocked to find out that Newfound Lake is being targeted by industrial wind developers. Many refuse to accept the plans of four wind power plants, totaling 125+ turbines, reaching 454 feet high around the shoreline of Newfound Lake. Visitors are questioning why New Hampshire officials would allow such an intrusion in the Lakes Region.
Is the New Hampshire government misguided — and if so, are they placing their faith and trust in industrial wind developers? Many are questioning the government. Shouldn't they have been involved in the negotiations? Shouldn't there be a limit on how many turbines can be built in one region? Why is Newfound Lake carrying the burden of New Hampshire's renewable energy plan?
Great questions. The very same questions we have been asking for the last five months to no avail. Maybe... just maybe... our voices combined with yours will help turn things around. Maybe our politicians will start listening to our united concerns.
I am looking forward to summer residents and visitors getting involved. Please set aside a few hours during the summer months to help save Newfound Lake from being overrun by wind turbines and their blinking red lights at night.
Newfound Lake and its scenery are worth fighting for....
Ray Cunningham