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Fields shenanigans are why good conservatives leave the GOP

To the editor,
In response to the front page article entitled "Sanbornton Rep says he's ashamed of County Delegation":
Representative Fields made a lot of charges and allegations in the article. For me, the most egregious one was the threat that he had to "toe the line" or be removed from his clerk post. Having been at numerous county budget meetings, and thus privy to Rep. Fields childish antics, I would have to commend Chairman Worsman for her incredible patience and grace under extreme duress.
Rep. Fields likes to use a particular phrase, "secret meeting(s)". He used it in the article and I have heard him use it in open meetings. I do not wish to appear unseemly, yet I would respectfully point out that a caucus is completely legal and that both party's routinely engage in them. What is discussed in them is supposed to be kept private among the participants. There are no smoke filled, back rooms, nor black cloaked figures here. The representative did a great job of smearing the entire delegation with the broad brush of suspicion. Yet, if you look past the allegations, there is nothing of substance there.
We can use this entire story to point out exactly why good conservative and liberty-leaning Republicans have left our party. These kinds of childish shenanigans damage the good name and reputation of the Grand Old Party, and do little to endear us to the public. It is no wonder that conservatives have bolted from the party and the Tea Party type groups have arisen.
Our party should require some basic level of loyalty to party and platform. Further, we should require that our Republican elected officials comport themselves with the proper dignity that each office requires. If we do not, we will see a further erosion of public support and confidence in our Republican Brand and values.
Don Walker, Co-Founder
Belknap County Conservative Republicans