Gilford wouldn’t have a village without the Gilford Village Store

To the editor,
Gilford is a great community with so much to offer recreationally, culturally and historically. In our quaint little village we have an incredible library, a fantastic Community Center, great schools, the Rowe House, the Grange and great athletic facilities.
Another heart of our village is the historic Gilford Village Store. Due to the economy of the last few years and competition that didn't exist a few decades ago the store is struggling. The store has great pizza, soups, sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast pizza. A group of us gather there every morning for coffee, breakfast and to solve the worlds problems. Come join us. Stop in on your way by and grab a sandwich or something from the deli. If just half of us bought a sandwich a week we could help keep this historic institution alive. Without the store it wouldn't be a village.
Ken Sterner