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It’s control of citizens, more than guns, at top of Obama’s agenda

To the editor,
The longstanding "target" of Obama's ongoing gun control agenda is actually more of his desire for government control of more and more of the average citizen's thoughts and actions — witness health care and education for a couple of more examples. A look at the success of gun control laws in any of our large cities will show a complete failure to increase anyone's safety. Let's take Obama's old home town of Chicago, now the vaunted "murder capital of America". Chicago has had some of the strictest gun laws in the country since before Al Capone. It was even illegal to possess a handgun in your own home, for self defense, until the 2010 Mc Donald Vs. Chicago Supreme Court decision. Mayor Daly, then, immediately sought to enact new laws to circumvent this decision. There are plenty of numbers available online to get your attention if you are willing to look and admit that any new proposed laws will have no effect on anyone but the millions of law-abiding American gun owners. Do you really expect even one criminal or up and coming "wanabe" to line up for a background check or registration. Get real!
I challenge Obama and his lackey, Rahm Emanuel, to clean up Chicago before attempting to force more "citizen control" laws down millions of our throats. About those Chicago 2012 numbers, 2,400 plus shootings resulting in 500 plus deaths. More than 5,000 killed by guns since 2001, compared to 2000 in Afghanistan during the same period. Emanuel along with several top politicians won't travel without a complete security force, but wish to deny his citizens to even try to protect themselves in their own homes. Chicago even protects former mayor Richard Daly with two vehicles manned by Chicago police officers to the tune of about two million dollars a year. I could go on, but you may get the picture by now. If not, try looking it up.
One more question about all the emotional attacks on Senator Ayotte, for her recent vote, is what makes you think that any new gun laws would be more successful than the failure of so many similar, but unenforced old laws? Perhaps she is one of the few of our current representation in Washington that has the guts to resist Obama's continuing push for more "citizen control". Remember also, that you can't legislate morality. Thank you.
Donald Lockwood